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Thursday, January 20

MNP (Mobile number portability) - Information and Process

MNP - Mobile number portability Process and Information

Mobile Number Portability(MNP) is a great opportunity given TRAI after a long effort on Network Providers in India. MNP allows a mobile user to change from one network to other without changing his existing mobile number. This is a great chance where user will be benefited a lot. MNP started in full fledged in all the states of India from 20th Jan 2011. Below is detailed description of MNP, how to use MNP, rules and regulations to be followed etc.

How to Use MNP ?
If you wish to change from one network to other carrying with the same number then just;
SMS PORT to 1900.

Now a Unique transfer number will be sent to you as a message. You need to contact the network operator to which you would like to change with the Unique Transfer Number by filling a form to transfer to that network. This request will be processed within 15 days. Charge for MNP process is Rs 19.

When will I Port to Other Network ?

After placing a port request it will be processed within 15 days, on the day of portability your number will not be working for 2 hours during 12 – 5 AM. After this a confirmation message will be sent to you by the new network provider that you have been changed to their network.

~~:: Rules & Limitations ::~~
  • MNP is applicable only after 90 days from the date of last MNP.
  • Balance amount with old network will not be carry forwarded.
  • Amount once paid for MNP will not be refunded.
~~:: OFFERS FOR MNP ::~~

BSNL has given an excellent offer that users porting to BSNL will not be charged with any processing fee of Rs 19 indeed they will be given a benefit of Rs 100 talktime after request is processed.


20 Rs Talktime, For 1 year 1ps/sec tariff, 3 months any local call @1p/2sec 1Gb data 4 1month, Full talktime on any recharge upto Rs 55.


10Rs talktime, 1p/sec, 3month local tata,virgin,indicom call @1p/6sec & more exiting offers.

Porting Charges -25RS, Talktime -5RS, 150MB GPRS Data Free for 7DAYS, 500 Messages Free Daily for 2 Months (1st Message cost 1Rs), Inter-Network (Idea to Idea) Call charge - 1p/2sec, Other 1p/sec.


ankit,  January 20, 2011 at 8:13 PM  

where to get the form,

DE INVADOR January 20, 2011 at 9:37 PM  

No form needed... Just sms that code... and wait for the unique number.. then send that unique number to the next operator... thats all... u can also do this thing through net!!

అమ్ములు January 21, 2011 at 4:10 PM  

how to submit that 8 digits number to other operator through the internet

DE INVADOR January 21, 2011 at 5:26 PM  

@ అమ్ములు
1. Visit your nearest outlet (which operator wants you to port)or showroom.
2. Fill Mobile Number Porting(MNP) form providing details like
• Current Mobile Number
• Current Operator name
• UPC code
3.Submit Address & Id proof documents, self-attested photo
and last bill copy of postpaid
connection (if applicable) along-
with filled MNP form and Customer Agreement Form.
4. Buy the MNP SIM card from outlet / showroom. SIM charges, talktime value and porting charge are non- refundable in the event of
cancellation / rejection of port-in
5. Your new operator will send an SMS on your old/existing operator ’s SIM (existing connection) intimating about the porting date and time, i.e. the date and approximate time till when you can continue to use your existing operator ’s SIM card.
6. There will be a 2 hr no-service period.
7. After 2Hrs you can replace your existing operator ’s SIM card with the new SIM card in your handset.

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