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Sunday, March 13

Altium Designer 10.0.22084 (Professional Software)

Altium Designer 10.0.22084

~~:: INFO ::~~
Altium Designer - a complex system of designing high-speed electronic devices based on printed circuit boards, which allows developers to create projects, from concept and VHDL-description of the FPGA, to carry out simulation derived schemes and VHDL-code, prepare files for production, and the concept of Live Design, so called living design, allows us to complete the project on-board debugging NanoBoard.

~~:: Installation ::~~
Mount image UltraIso, copy the files from Program Files in the Program Files (x86 for OS) in the Program Files (x86) (on x64 OS), alf a license to replace dxp.exe C install on not played altium ovskie libraries.

~~:: Minimum system requirements ::~~
-Windows XP SP2 Professional or later
-Intel Pentium 1,8 GHz or higher
-1 GB of RAM
-3.5 GB hard disk space (Installation + User Files)
-Monitor resolution of 1280x1024 is highly recommended: The second monitor with minimum -screen resolution of 1024x768
-NVIDIA GeForce 6000/7000 series, 128 MB or above
-Parallel port (for connecting to the NanoBoard-NB1)
-USB2.0 port (for connecting to the NanoBoard-NB2)
-Adobe Reader 8 or higher
-DVD-ROM drive

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