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Friday, March 18

Copy Protect 1.5.0 - Unattended

Copy Protect 1.5.0 - Unattended

Copy Protect is unique software that lets you copy protect your audios, videos, documents and pictures so that they cannot be duplicated, copied or distributed by illegal means. It is the only tool that lets you fight the piracy of your media files like audios, videos, pictures and documents (lots of formats supported).

Copy Protect converts all supported formats into executable applications that run only in the drives they are prepared for. If these files are copied to another drive, they do not run and become useless. These executable applications do not require any administrative rights to run and therefore there is no need to install Copy Protect at the other end to play copy protected media files Furthermore, the program comes with a special built-in picture and document viewer that lets you view and read your copy protected files; and a built-in player for your copy protected videos and audios. With Copy Protect’s playlist option, you can also organize and manage all your media files. Copy Protect will secure all your media files and prevent illegal distribution of copyrighted material.

~~:: Features ::~~
· Unbreakable copy protection for your videos, audios, pictures and documents.
· Burn copy protected data to your own CD or DVD for distribution without the fear of data being copied illegally.
· Easy to use and navigate graphical user interface that does not require any additional programming skills.
· Simple and effective data copy protection procedures.
· Protect your media files and art work from illegal copy from one computer to another.
· Securely distribute your films, songs, files, documents, reports and other copyright material on any distribution media like CD, DVD, Blu-ray disc, USB drive, external drive etc.
· Highly customized copy protection application to tailor your needs.
· Play copy protected videos and audios directly from the destination drive where you have saved them.
· No need to install the application at other end to run the copy protected files and documents.
· Prevent image theft, piracy, illegal distribution and leakage of your data from your CD/DVD or USB drive to any other drive.
· Fully compatible on all file systems like FAT, FAT32 and NTFS.

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PDF Digital Rights Management June 30, 2011 at 8:58 AM  


The site is about copy protect 1.5.0, it supports all mandatory elements of copy protection, including authentication and key exchange, content encryption and system renewability. Your Internet browsing history, family photo albums and maybe even things like an electronic copy of your taxes or your employment agreement. This is sensitive data that's worth protecting from prying eyes. Thanks a lot.

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