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Thursday, March 17

WinArchiver 2.3 | 1.68 MB - Full Download

WinArchiver 2.3 | 1.68 MB

WinArchiver is a powerful archive utility, which can open, create, and manage archive files. It supports almost all archive formats, including zip, rar, 7z, iso, and other popular formats. WinArchiver can also mount the archive to a virtual drive without extraction.

WinArchiver supports the following file types: .zip (WinZip Files), .rar (WinRAR Files), .7z (7z Files), .mzp (Mountable Archive), .iso (CD/DVD Image File), .001 (7z Sub Volume), .arj, .bz2, .bzip2, .gz, .gzip, .tar, .taz, .tbz, .tbz2, .tgz, .tpz, .cab, .cpio, .deb, .lha, .lzh, .rpm, .split, .swm, .wim (Windows Imaging File), .z, .daa (PowerISO File), .bin, .cue, .mdf, .mds, .ashdisc, .bwi, .b5i, .lcd, .img, .cdi, .cif, .p01, .pdi, .nrg (Nero Disc Image), .ncd, .pxi, .gi, .fcd, .vcd, .c2d, .dmg (Apple Disc Image), .bif, .ima, .flp, .uif (MagicISO File)

MZP is the new archive format supported by WinArchiver. It supports data compression, encryption, and file spanning. WinArchiver can be used to create and manuplate MZP archives. The MZP archive can also be mounted as virtual drive instantly with WinArchiver Virtual Drive, thus you can access files in the archive without extraction. Compared with other archive formats, MZP archives can be mounted more efficiently.

~:: Main Features ::~
-Support almost all popular archive formats.
-Open and extract archive files.
-Edit existing archives.
-Create zip, 7z, iso, mzp archive file from hard disk files.
-Support unicode file names.
-Mount archive file to a virtual drive without extraction. You can use it as a professional virtual drive software.
-Support multivolume, encryption, and archive comments.
-Support Windows Explorer shell integration.
-Support both 32-bit and 64-bit Windows.

---Click Here to Download WinArchiver---


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